May 18, 2021
Will digital marketing solve India’s unemployment problem in the coming days?

Will digital marketing solve India’s unemployment problem in the coming days?

Indian Economy is getting lower day by day. And as the covid strikes, it has gone below expectations. Several people have lost their job. Many private companies had been shut down due to this pandemic. Most of the business is running in loss and that’s why they also have to sack several employees from their organization. But there is some good news also, in all of the bad situations. Covid vaccines have arrived. And most of the countries have started vaccination to its people. The market value and things are expected to be normal as we’re in the past sooner or later.

But will it really be same after the post-pandemic? I don’t think so. The Indian economy has really gone down, and the Indian government has taken some decisions to sale some of their valuables to control the downfall of GDP. They have taken decisions to export more rather than importing things. In a survey, it has been found out it will take around 10 years to make the market value the same as it was before. So if the market value doesn’t grow up how come the unemployment problem will solve? Then I have a brilliant solution. Digital Marketing is the only sector which will help us, everyone, to be employed. So what is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is in simple marketing the products digitally.

Digital marketing consists of several factors like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many more. Basically, every day there are several sites getting live on a daily basis, and the main work of a digital marketer is to gain more traffic and users to the sites. In the past year, several people have lost their job, and they are shifting from their domain to digital marketing as for the huge potential for this domain. Again several people who had lost their job and worked in this digital marketing sector is also working as a freelancer in this field. 

The digital marketing sector is growing rapidly. And every website needs the help of digital marketing to gain potential in their respective field. Competitions are growing up day by day, and to compete in this competition digital marketing is the only way. So if you are wondering if digital marketing can solve India’s unemployment? Then more or less the answer is true. Most of the market is growing for digital marketing and in the near future, it will also grow up. So if you are in another sector and want to change your sector, now it is the right time.

Now, where should you start? If you want to start by yourself, you can take the help of youtube. There are several YouTubers, who are from this digital marketing field and can give you tips and tricks on how you can start. Rest, you can also search from any digital marketing professional, and Intellimind is one of them, they are providing Digital Marketing Training at the lowest budget possible. So, that’s it for this blog. Hope you will find your dream career and get huge success in your life. 

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