April 19, 2021
White Crescent Academy (H.S.) dream to make students future ready

White Crescent Academy (H.S.) dream to make students future ready

White Crescent Academy (H.S.) was founded by a group of broad-minded, highly skilled people and educationist who have a commitment to their soil and society, to provide quality education in order to  develop individuals to face the challenges emerged from globalization and today’s changing economy. It is a truly multifaceted platform offering outstanding learning opportunities, with a fascinating multicultural (Rural and Urban) students community from various part of West Bengal.

From management team, Mr. Reja Qawsar said “We believe that education is a comprehensive affair – and more than rendering knowledge and honing a certain skill, the success of an educational endeavor calls for making available the means and measures that render wholesomeness to a learning process. With that belief, and a dream of ushering talents to the world of unbound possibilities, we have started White Crescent Academy (H.S.).

Our strategy comprises a formulaic yet flexible approach, team work, timely intervention – in addition to collaboration with industry/subject matter experts. Catered in combination with an insight of what the future holds for a student, our endeavor manifests a multipronged approach that not only educates and motivates a student in the best possible manner, but also makes him future-ready! 

The intention of our Management Team is purely to render service to the society by grooming children to become future leaders of our country – in all the sectors of the society. And we would not limit ourselves to rendering services in every sphere of life.”

Presently they are taking admission for Classes V to IX in a lowest fee structure for deprived people.

For Admission one may contact Mr. Reja Qawsar at Mobile no. 9163621896

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