May 18, 2021
How to keep yourself healthy in this age of adulteration

How to keep yourself healthy in this age of adulteration

As the progression in Technology, the foods we are consuming is becoming less healthy. Yes, you have heard it right. Most of us are getting to the market and buying the vegetables from the seller. But have any one of us have noticed how they are growing them? Farmers are growing them with the use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. It helps the crops to grow fully and the insects can’t har the food. But have you noticed by consuming these kinds of crops or foods we are also taking within our body. Obviously not in a direct way, but in an indirect way. 


It is proven that by using fertilizers and other kinds of stuff the value of the food is getting decreased day by day. And we can’t do anything about it. We can’t tell the farmers to not use pesticides, because it is the only way they can make a profit and get food for their family. So how can we keep ourself healthy in this age adulteration? The answer is simple try to consume organic products or herbal products. 


Herbal Products are made through natural process and any kind of ferilizer or pesticide is not used. Herbal products and herbal medicines are best to use nowadays. Herbal products and the medicines are close to nature and don’t have any side effects. Even scientists have proven that those who consume herbal products stays more healthy than the people who uses fertilized products.


So to keep yourself healthy you need to avoid the ferilized products as much as possible and try to consume much herbal products in this age of adulteration. There are several shops near your locality from where you can get herbal products. Or you can try Medinest Herbal, which is india’s one of the big franchise of Herbal products. They provide online delivery all over India. They also have herbal or ayurvedic doctors to help you consult with your health. So that’s it for now. Be happy be healthy.

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