May 18, 2021
How to get BPO Jobs?

How to get BPO Jobs?

BPO goes by the name Business Process Outsourcing. BPO Jobs stands ideal for both Technical and Non-Technical Jobs.

BPO Jobs are generally of two categories:

  1. Back Office Outsourcing

Here, the employees need to work off-site. The employees mostly deals with data management, finance, customer care etc.

  • Front Office Outsourcing

Here, the employees need to work on site, dealing one-to-one with the customers. Employees generally deals with customer related queries and services.

BPOs hire employees from two sectors:

  1. Candidates with 12th Pass

The monthly pay for such employees are quite low but relatively easy to get.

  • Candidates with Graduation

Graduate level jobs are better in terms of pay, but has a lot of competition.

Average salary for a fresher might vary from 1-3 lakh per annum.

Basic Qualifications for a BPO Job:

  1. The candidate must at-least be 12th pass.
  2. The candidate must have appreciable communicating skills
  3. Must have a good command in the English Language. Having good spoken English skills, often benefit candidates in terms of pay.
  4. Be able to work for almost 9 hours a day and even night shifts, for International BPOs.
  5. Have a fairly good knowledge of Computer Operating Systems, like MS Excel, MS Word etc.
  6. Candidate is expected to have a typing speed of at-least 60 words per minute.

How to Apply for a BPO Job?

  1. Take help of the internet and make a list of good companies, send them your CV, and wait for a response.
  2. You can upload your work resume on online sites like LinkedIn and expect for a response.
  3. You can also straightaway walk into interviews, if you have any good companies near you. Walk in interviews are equally appreciated.
  4. Check the newspapers for job openings in companies.
  5. If you know somebody working at any level in a good company, ask for reference. Most companies have a referral system in place, and it often helps you through the screening round as well.
  6. And most importantly, be patient.

Screening Procedure varies from one company to another.

  1. Screening Round

The eligibility of the candidate is the main source of recruitment. Some additional achievements in the CV can increase the chances of recruitment. English speaking and writing proficiency, basic knowledge of computer operating system can also increase the chances of getting the job.

  • Technical Skills

A BPO Job has all domains from finance, accounting, customer service etc, so a candidate who is technically sound can easily get through this list.

  • Communication Skills

Communication skills is one of the main criterion for getting a BPO job. In-house or external tests are often conducted to test the candidate’s speaking proficiency.

How to prepare for a BPO Job?     

  1. The Candidate should have an appealing and brief Resume, listing all her achievements, skills and also weaknesses.
  2. One should prepare well for the Screening rough questions like “Introduce yourself”.
  3. As all interviews are mandatorily in English, on should work on his English if needed.
  4. The dress-code matters a lot in BPO sectors. Candidate must be in formal or Semi- formal outfit.
  5. And lastly, one should be prepared for facing rejection.

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