May 18, 2021
How Digital Marketing Can Help Solve The Unemployment Problem In India

How Digital Marketing Can Help Solve The Unemployment Problem In India

Nowadays, the number of active internet users has shot up like crazy, all thanks to the easy availability of all sorts of gadgets around the world. Some of these are very practical appliances and it is imperative to carry them wherever one goes. Now that everyone owns gadgets, e-commerce platforms are extensively open for people all over the world. A brand might not have stores everywhere. However, their online presence comes to the rescue here so much so that in some situations, the online presence of brands can replace physical presence, too.  

Advantages and Opportunities Digital Marketing brings along

It helps garner a larger, more involved, and ingenious audience quicker than outbound marketing in a more cost useful system. With inbound marketing, you speak to a particular audience, practically test things out. It adds a lot more science and following to marketing thus, allowing businesses to be more related to their marketing efforts. It comes with a huge set of advantages.

  1. Simple and easy evaluation of marketing outgrowth of the business.
  2. Easy methodology of comparing with competitors.
  3. One may receive real-time consequences, no necessity to pause for days.
  4. A marketing technique can also be carried out at a reduced cost.
  5. Easy to develop your brand value.
  6. Easy to scour your technique if required.
  7. Far greater disclosure in a minimal price.
  8. Clear execution of brand targets.
  9. A platform to successfully launch campaigns and if you have it, your products might even go viral.
  10. Attract larger traffic.

The fact that the internet is one of the most successful business tools is no longer a closely guarded secret. It does not matter now whether while starting out someone has capital for investment, a physical office, etc. The internet gives one the liberty to do business on their terms- from their place of convenience and at their preferable time.


How To Learn Digital Marketing And Become A Digital  Marketer

We aren’t kidding when we say anyone can be a digital marketer! Well, anyone can do it provided they are literate and can maneuver the internet.

To be a complete digital marketer it is necessary to do the following things:

  1. Word Press website creation.
  2. Domain and hosting setup.
  3. Website designing and layout. Picking theme.
  4. Adding a contact to the website that may include a Google map link.
  5. Option for live chat.
  6. On-page SEO and off-page SEO.
  7. For social media and marketing, graphic design for releasing design ads.
  8. Email marketing i.e. cold emailing etc.
  9. Simultaneously being active on other platforms- Linkedin account and Quora account creation and marketing.
  10. YouTube and Google ads creation and marketing etc.

Generally, the whole course may take 60-70 days. These rather simple things when executed systematically over a course of 60-70 days may help build one’s repute as a professional while also aiding the individual make money.

Start Your Own Business From Home

Amidst this pandemic, situations were not favorable for all people. Things went downhill for some employees. Because of whatever reasons, many companies laid off their employees. Coping with unemployment is not a cakewalk and many people had the worse of it. However, one can always figure out solutions. Why not utilize the power of gadgets and the internet to the rescue here? Why not consider picking a relevant skill utilizing which you can make money from the comfort of your home.

Learning comes first, some part of the learning happens during the process, too. The world of the internet has a plethora of opportunities- one of them being Digital Marketing.

Nowadays, a colossal number of people in India are associated with the internet. Perhaps, this is why businesses make it imperative to have a strong online presence and carry out online marketing operations, too.

However, on the other hand, the number of unemployed individuals is also on the rise. The pandemic worsened these numbers even more. In this problem, relevant online courses which can be carried out without traversing to work daily are a great solution.

Requires low investment

A digital marketer requires minimal investment to start their business. This allows the marketer to work at their ease, at a time which suits them.

Gateway to Opportunities

The gateway to many doors opens once you enter the digital marketing world. Once you gain quality knowledge and skills you can consider doing one of the following:

  1. Start your blog.
  2. Be an affiliate marketer.
  3. Carry out operations as a freelancer.
  4. Become a content writer.
  5. Start a dropshipping business.

It can be caught after data analysis that, in the present time situation in India, digital marketing is much more helpful.

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