May 18, 2021
From Zero to Hero

From Zero to Hero

When we hear the word “zero”, what comes into one’s mind?

Failure, Sadness, Depressed and many more.

But it’s high time now, that we change our perspective of analyzing things. This article will surely change your way of looking at ‘Failure’. 

This is the list of people who went from “Zero to Hero”, in their Life:

  1. Walt Disney

The person who created Mickey Mouse and the entire Disney Merchandise!

But, before achieving his Billionaire Status, he had to face lots of ups and downs in his life. He had to face rejection throughout his youth.

He dropped out of his school, at the young age of 16. He was interested in Politics and wanted to join the Armed Forced during World War II. But because of his tender age, he rejected entry. Gradually he started making caricatures on political issues, even that didn’t give him success. But he didn’t stop. 

Would you believe it, if I say even the character “Mickey Mouse” was rejected because people thought a giant mouse, would scare children. He went bankrupt five times before he gained proper recognition.

Despite all the ridicule, he didn’t give up, and later, he won 22 Academy Awards.

  • Bill Gates

The 1/3 richest man throughout the globe. But this journey from a Harvard drop-out to billionaire was not easy. He is the man behind Microsoft.

Being a dropout from Harvard, just with an idea of a start-up, he was ridiculed a lot by society.

Gates named his first company Traf-O-Data, which eventually went into a loss of about $3494.

He failed from creating the most popular search engine and was beaten by Google.

Even after all these failures in his life, he stayed calm and succeeded. He went on to become the richest man in the world at the mere age of 39. He also received prestigious awards like Padma Bhushan, Silver Buffalo Award, etc.

  • J.K. Rowling

She was just like another common woman in Britain. She was a single mother, jobless, and had stomachs to feed.

When she wrote the first novel of Harry Potter, she had already hit the rock bottom. Her first manuscript was rejected 12 times until it finally got published the 13th time.

Later on, she became the only woman writer, to become a billionaire.

  • Colonel Sanders

A lot of people might not know the name and who he is. But everyone knows his creation. He is the man behind KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

He was just an ordinary retiree who had nothing but a fried chicken recipe and a dream of opening a restaurant. But he had immense determination, which made him different from others. 

To fulfill his dream Colonel started promoting his fried chicken recipe throughout the country with his car. He was rejected 1009 times before his recipe was finally accepted.

This led to a million-dollar company, throughout the world, today.

  • Michael Jordan

The world-famous basketball star, who was not even allowed in the School Basketball Team. He was not of the ideal height, which is expected in a sport like Basketball. But he was very determined, and he started practicing jump shots. 

In his very first match, his jump shot was criticized, so he started working on them.

But despite all his rejections and failures, he rose like a Phoenix, and now everyone knows him as one of the greatest basketball players.

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