May 18, 2021
Careers with Promising Jobs

Careers with Promising Jobs

Careers should not be decided based on the availability of jobs or the salary it could provide, but rather on the student’s interests, talents and wishes.

It is very hard to state only one career option, which could promise you a respectable job with a handsome salary. So, I have listed a few career options which are quite successful in this 21st century.

  1. Medicine

This is one field, which will never lose its importance or value even in the future. Because, no matter how much we mechanise our society, no one can replace our health care providers.


Take up Science stream with biology in +2 level.

Then take competitive exams like NEET or JIIPMER

After completion of 5 years of MBBS, you can get into Govt/Pvt Hospitals.


70,000-1 lakhs per month

  • Law

This is also one of the most respected fields, since humanity. To live in a society, we need law and for that we need law providers.


Humanities/Commerce/Science in +2 level.

Take competitive exams like CLAT, to get into a Law College

After completion of 4 years of Law, you can either join some corporate law firm or function independently.


25-150 lakhs per annum

Alif Rishta
  • Scientist/Research Work

This is not like every other conventional fields, which will give you a placement after your college, but it is one of the most respectable jobs throughout the Globe. In this 21st century, where we’re trying to find logic and reasoning in everything around, we need Science.


Science stream in +2 level

Apply for Bachelors, Masters in your stream of choice.

Then apply for PhD, which is the basic criterion for being a Research Fellow.

After, getting a PhD degree, you can do independent government funded research work or apply in Universities.


2-3 lakhs per month

  • Army

Military and Armed forces is “THE” most respectable job. It’s just not a job, but your way of serving for your motherland.


To get into Armed forces, one needs to clear NDA entrance examination, which can be attempted after successfully completing class 12th.

Along with a good rank, NDA also requires a satisfactory level of fitness.


Salary varies from one post to another.

Starting from 68,000 to 2 lakhs per month.

  • Engineering

Talking about promising jobs, and not talk about Engineering? Not possible. This is the most vastly chosen career among the youth, today, mostly because of the increasing demand of good engineers.

With increasing demand in the market, there has been also increase in Engineering Colleges. Hence, the level of competition is comparatively less with a promising job later.


Science in +2 level

Then one needs to take the National level entrance exams like JEE or JEE Advanced, to get into a good engineering college like the IITs, NITs, IIITs etc.


10,000 to even 2 lakhs per month.

These are the list of 5 promising careers, you can opt for. But theses careers may/may not be beneficial for you based on your interests and wishes. It’s best not to follow the stats but, do what you enjoy doing the most.

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